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  • Beginning Obedience
    Wednesdays in Davenport, IA
    now taking reservations

  • Intermediate Nosework
    Tuesdays in Rock Island
    Jan 23rd @ 6:00pm

  • Advanced Nosework
    Tuesdays in Rock Island
    Jan 23rd @ 7:15pm

  • Intermediate Nosework
    Wednesdays in Davenport
    Feb 28th @ 6:00pm

  • Advanced Nosework
    Wednesdays in Davenport
    Feb 28th @ 7:15pm

  • Beginning Obedience
    Thursdays in Musctine, IA
    Mar 15th @ 6:15&7:30pm

Meet Joanne

Welcome to Fur Better Fur Worse; where each relationship is unique. Owning a dog is not an easy task and just like a marriage, it requires a lifetime commitment, communication, understanding, and a little compromise that will ultimately result in a wonderful friend and partner.

After years of taking and teaching classes, there was clearly a need for a new style of training based on communication and mutual respect between dog and owner. Fur Better Fur Worse believes in positive reinforcement techniques with the end goal of creating a better relationship between you and your dog. Whether you’re simply wanting to teach household manners or if you want to compete; Fur Better Fur Worse can help you and your dog with all your needs.

Joanne currently competes in Agility, K9 Nosework, Rally and Obedience. All of Joanne’s dogs have achieved their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificates through AKC as well as many other titles. Joanne has gained a great deal of canine knowledge while fostering various breeds through different rescue organizations. She actively volunteers with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus and also works with local shelters to evaluate and move dogs into rescue groups and foster homes. Joanne is a huge advocate for rescues and shelters everywhere and spends much of her time offering assistance or serving on the board of directors.

Fur Better Fur Worse strongly believes that the learning never stops. Joanne will be found attending many seminars each year and adding new training techniques and approaches to her classes. She is always amazed at how frequently scientists and trainers are discovering new things about our canine companions and loves to share that knowledge with her students. Our bond with our dogs is truly a never ending cycle, and here at Fur Better Fur Worse we want you to experience the full potential of that bond.


Fur Better Fur Worse has an excellent track record, but don't listen to what we're barking at ya take it from our clients!

  • For anyone looking for obedience training and/or nosework classes, I highly recommend Joanne and FurBetterFurWorse Dog Training.

    Obedience training is not cut and dry and each dog is different. Joanne is very knowledgeable about animal behaviors and it is amazing to see her work with dogs and train the humans with how to deal with their own dogs and what makes their dogs tick. She is a great asset to the Quad City area - she furthers her education and is always morphing new training techniques into the tried and true "old" techniques so she can pass along her knowledge to her students. I recently did a beginning obedience class with my young puppy at FBFW and Joanne was able to offer different ideas with getting and keeping focus, had different toys available, and was able to help me form a good working bond with my puppy early on.

    I have been taking nosework classes with Joanne since she first started them up in the Quad City area. She has been very supportive of both my dog and me, often giving her free time (which she doesn't have much of) for extra practice time after classes have concluded. She wants her students to excel and most importantly have fun with their dogs.

    Thank you for all you do!

    Alana, Rock Island
  • The thing that appealed to me most about Joanne’s training was the use of positive reinforcement. Study after study show dogs respond quicker and more naturally to this type of training rather than using force or fear of being punished. I took all my shelter pups to her classes and one of them to “scent” training with remarkable results. My dogs loved the classes and always came away with polished manners and new skills. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your pooch and foster their level of trust with you, which makes training even more successful over time. Two of my dogs went later in life which is a testament that it’s never too late to groom your dog into a well balanced canine. The added information Joanne has to offer, from her years of training experience, are invaluable and endless. She’s helped me see dog behavior through the eyes of a dog which helps in understanding their actions and aids in my approach toward lifelong training. Take the classes…you’ll regret you didn’t do it sooner.

    Kate, Rock Island
  • We have had the opportunity to train with Joanne a few times thru the Muscatine Canine Activity Center. We choose to retake the Small Breed Beginning Obedience a few times because we appreciated Joannes positive reinforcement training methods and we wanted to keep our dog involved in some form of training. The classes had the right mix of skills training, training the trainer, and socialization. During the sessions we had the opportunity to ask questions and present training issues. Joanne always listened and provided great advice.

    Thanks Joanne for helping us with Scooter during his formative first year!

    Peggy & Tim, Muscatine
  • Joanne Soyke has helped K9 Kindness Rescue on many occasions with evaluating dogs and training. She is totally professional, and spot on when it comes to her evaluations! Our rescue thinks very highly of Joanne and recommends her as a trainer/behavior evaluator to our foster homes and adopters!

  • My husband and I bring both of our dogs to Joanne. Her positive attitude and positive reinforcement training makes training my dogs fun. Her classes are perfect for novices up to people with many years of dog obedience training. She makes everyone in the class feel welcome and comfortable. If there are areas of training people are struggling with, she breaks down the training to suit that individual dog. If something isn’t working, she analyzes the dog (and the handler) to ensure that how she is teaching the handler will benefit the dog. I personally have a dog “aggressive” dog, and Joanne has taught me not only how to handle my dog to ensure I know what to do with him as far as his aggression, but also how to handle other dogs that come to encounter my “problem child.” I recommend Joanne to students of all ages and with all types of dogs.

    Erica, Rock Island

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